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Into The Minds Of Madness

Into The Minds of Madness is a (generally) weekly horror movie podcast hosted by your horror aficionado Chris Dicker.

Covering the classics, the just released, the oft-forgotten gems and the train wrecks of the genre. From monster flicks to home invasion thrillers, body horror to campy slashers and everything in between.

Rest in Horror!! 

Feb 22, 2017

Join your bio-hosts Chris Dicker and Paul McWhirter as we inject Brandon Cronenberg's debut film Antiviral (2012) directly into our blood stream.

Is Brandon Cronenberg as twisted as his father David? Can celebrity obsession ever go that far? And why the hell did we put ourselves through this?


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Feb 14, 2017

Join crocodile hunter Chris Dicker and terrified of anything scaley Paul McWhirter as we wade through the swamp that is Tobe Hooper's Eaten Alive (1976).

We try to figure out why there was a strange red hue on all external shots, why it opened with Robert Englund unzipping his pants and what else was in that crazy man's...