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Into The Minds Of Madness

Into The Minds of Madness is a (generally) weekly horror movie podcast hosted by your horror aficionado Chris Dicker.

Covering the classics, the just released, the oft-forgotten gems and the train wrecks of the genre. From monster flicks to home invasion thrillers, body horror to campy slashers and everything in between.

Rest in Horror!! 

Aug 19, 2018

It's the sexiest time for our podcast so we decided to watch what we found out to be the most unsexy film we could have picked, Vampyros Lesbos (1971).

What a piece of shit. A bad excuse for softcore porn, and that's saying something!

We also delved into a few Letterboxd films to get that horrible taste out of our...

Aug 16, 2018

No new episode this week as we got too horny thinking about episode 69....

Instead our Foreign Correspondent Linda Moulton is at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and saw an incredible show billed as 'One-Woman Alien'! You've seen one man Star Wars, and one man Lord of the Rings, and one man Rambo (that one looks exactly...

Aug 8, 2018

Chris and Paul dive into another pre-TLOTR Peter Jackson written and directed film The Frighteners (1996)! 

Starring a then-current sitcom star in Spin City, Michael J. Fox, scream queen Dee Wallace, Paul's scenery chewing arch nemesis Jeffrey Combs and son of BUSEY, lil Jake.

Also listen to the disappointment in Paul's...

Aug 3, 2018

Chris and Paul take part in some urban exploration as they enter the Australian found footage horror movie The Tunnel (2011).

We also discuss some interesting pieces of news including one very strange news story. Along with that Chris finally gets to release his pent up Letterboxd dump from last weeks episode!

Shaky Cam...