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Into The Minds Of Madness

Into The Minds of Madness is a (generally) weekly horror movie podcast hosted by your horror aficionado Chris Dicker.

Covering the classics, the just released, the oft-forgotten gems and the train wrecks of the genre. From monster flicks to home invasion thrillers, body horror to campy slashers and everything in between.

Rest in Horror!! 

Feb 23, 2018

Chris and Paul dive into some cryptozoology this week with found footage Bigfoot movie EXISTS (2014)!

Paul is obsessed with this kind of stuff so he's incredibly excited to speculate on Bigfoot and Chris receives a wonderfully horrific birthday present from our friend Linda Moulton in New York!

She also gives us a great...

Feb 16, 2018

Texas Chainsaw Massacre's leading man gets the modern prequel treatment on this week's Into The Mind Of Madness!

From the director's of Chris' favourite film and the movie that made Paul need to vomit; 'Inside' (covered back in episode 8) comes Leatherface (2017), the chainsaw wielding madman, as a teen!

We also chat...

Feb 8, 2018

Schedules have not permitted this week for Chris and Paul to watch a movie together so Paul gives a half-arsed The Cloverfield Paradox review!

We also smashed through a BUNCH of news including Superbowl LII trailers, What We Do In The Shadows TV Show casting and Jaeden Lieberher from IT is cast in a HAMMER movie! And...

Feb 4, 2018

Happy Bonus Episode Day!

Chris and Paul were finally bullied into watching It Follows (2014) by our good friend Casey Goldsborough! And we were so damn happy she did because we were absolutely floored by it!

We're gonna get way more guests on in the future, if you'd like to suggest a film and come watch it with us and...

Feb 1, 2018

Into The Minds Of Madness turns ONE!

A year of Chris terrifying Paul has come to an end and we open to door to year number two with a wrap-up of some of our favourites that we've covered!

We also talk about the trailer for Hereditary (2019) starring Toni Colette, we chat about how Jamie Lee Curtis looks in the first set...