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Into The Minds Of Madness

Into The Minds of Madness is a (generally) weekly horror movie podcast hosted by your horror aficionado Chris Dicker.

Covering the classics, the just released, the oft-forgotten gems and the train wrecks of the genre. From monster flicks to home invasion thrillers, body horror to campy slashers and everything in between.

Rest in Horror!! 

Jan 26, 2018

Chris and Paul smash out one of the 80's kreepiest, krazy, klaustrophobic (I don't know) STUPID AS HELL but FUN AS HEAVEN Killer Klowns From Outer Space!

We also talk on Cloverfield 3 news (typical crypted website stuff), recap season 11, episode 3 of X-Files and go through our Letterboxd 365 Movies in 365 Days...

Jan 18, 2018

Chris and Paul hit up 2012's Maniac starring Elijah Wood and a host of women who are unfortunate enough to come across his path.

Paul can't deal with his childhood hero playing a murderous basket case, and Chris revels in it.

We have New Mutants news to talk about also the return of The 43 Second X-Files Episode...

Jan 10, 2018

Chris and Paul jump into one of modern horror's biggest franchises by covering James Wan's Insidious (2010)!

Paul was scared shitless but Chris was correct in suggesting Insidious, a cool storyline with some great actors and performances and not as many jump scares as first thought.

Chris also gets super curious by the...

Jan 4, 2018

To kick off 2018 we chose a movie called Bloody New Year from 1987 and we had past guest Logan Earle to help us!!

It had hardly anything to do with New Years Eve...or Day for that matter! A weird, dumb, British horror.

We also covered some other shit i.e. the Slenderman Trailer (booooooooo)

Catch us idiots next week!!