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Into The Minds Of Madness

Into The Minds of Madness is a (generally) weekly horror movie podcast hosted by your horror aficionado Chris Dicker.

Covering the classics, the just released, the oft-forgotten gems and the train wrecks of the genre. From monster flicks to home invasion thrillers, body horror to campy slashers and everything in between.

Rest in Horror!! 

Jan 31, 2017

Join your bride Paul McWhirter and his Frankenstein Chris Dicker as they delve into James Whale's 1935 classic The Bride of Frankenstein.

Listen as they marvel at the special effects work of Fulton and Horsley, wonder how on Earth a stuntwoman didn't die on set, and get totally weirded out by the female hysteria.



Jan 29, 2017

In the debut episode of Into The Minds Of Madness, horror film aficionado Chris Dicker and scaredy-cat Paul McWhirter let you know what's to come from the podcast and ask ourselves, why do this?

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Jan 29, 2017